An observant collaborator by nature, a UX designer by calling, I’m here to use empathy and analysis to transform good intentions into life-changing products.


Medical Alert

Our research uncovers why this medical alert device has not seen innovation over the last thirty years, and proposes a design solution that better serves its existing user ecosystem.

Logistics company

A dive into the organizational structure and communication needs of restaurant decision makers helps deepen empathy for an important end user group and informs a successful and repeatable recruiting strategy for a B2B2C.

Solace Club

Can a digital tool help organize support efforts for communities facing the world’s first problem--that of grief and loss? A complete research cycle delivers some solutions.


ASK Darcel

San Francisco Nonprofit, Shelter Tech is creating a tool that will help connect those experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness with a searchable database of services. I contribute ongoing foundational research, research planning and User Testing.