I'm a dynamic design researcher who has always been happiest and most passionate at the nexus of analytical and creative thinking. I've followed my passion for this approach into fields as diverse as Urban Planning, Floral Design, Production, Illustration and Content Development.

Urban Planning applies social science research techniques and an analytical design process to produce human-centered designs. It has been enormously useful as a foundation.

Growing up in San Francisco has left me with both a strong critical capacity and an openness to mystery and possibility.

I'm certain that design starts with the observation of patterns, and I believe this roots it in human experience and the natural world. I often use quantitative data to frame an idea, and proceed with qualitative observations to begin to explain that data. If I'm feeling cheeky, I'll describe it as the x 'why' axis. Throughout the generative and evaluative stages, I use both in tandem, iterating and evaluating as I work with collaborators and stakeholders towards the most useful, human-centered* designs possible.


*(I'm open to designing for animals & plants, too)


Interested in working together? Here's my contact info.


Sarah Glanville

(415) 305-7613



San Francisco, CA 94103